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What you NEED to know BEFORE lodging an Australian PARTNER VISA

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Booking a Visa Planning Session is the best way to get started on your Partner Visa journey. Your Planning Session can be conducted in person in our offices in Brisbane, Sydney or Perth or we can do it over the Phone or Skype.

What happens in a Visa Planning Session?
Your Partner Visa Planning Session involves a 1 hour one-on-one with a Registered Migration Agent who specialises in Partner Visas.

Your Registered Migration Agent will listen, ask questions and provide you with a clear plan for your future together with your partner.

What we will cover in that hour is as follows

  • Get all the details of your unique story.
  • Identify the correct Partner Visa for you or discuss other options.
  • Give you a detailed list of the evidence you could use.
  • Put together a plan of action for your application.

If after hearing your unique story, we believe that you and your partner are not in a position to meet the requirements to lodge a valid application we will tell you this on the spot.
You can rely on our team to give you an honest, well considered and professional opinion even when it’s ugly. We believe that it is much better to find this out now and not loose your $6,850.00 Government application fee.