Australia Partner Visa Processing Times 2020

So previously in recent years, onshore partner visas were taking approximately 18 to 22 months, to be processed, sometimes even longer for some applicants. This is simply because of the planning levels, which were previously approximately 40,000 places allocated to the partner visa program per year.

However, the government has announced in the recent 2020 budget changes that there will be an increase from 47,732 places to 77,300 places for the family stream visa program for this program year only. Out of the 77,300 places available to family stream visa applicants, 72,300 of those will be allocated to partner visas! This is amazing news as this will result in more partner visa applicants receiving visa grants this year.

What does this mean for you? If you are planning to lodge this year, you are likely to have shorter processing times due to the planning level increasing, and more resources that are likely to be allocated towards the partner visa program. Therefore, if you are eligible to apply this year, I highly recommend you apply as soon as possible just to take advantage of these current, once-off changes.

If you are eligible and wanting to know more information, feel free to contact us and we can ascertain whether or not you will be one of the lucky couples who will be fortunate enough to benefit from this once-off change.

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IMPORTANT: Please note, this does not constitute Immigration advice. Always seek advice from a Registered Migration Agent before applying for an Australian Visa. Migration Law is constantly changing. This information is accurate only at the time of publication.

  • Nilab says:

    How long does it take?

    • Emma Drynan MARN0960361 says:

      Hi Nilab, processing times vary from application to application. Kindly give our office a call at 07 3063 1200 so we can assess your situation and provide you with the best advice fit for you and your partner’s application.

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