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Why Do You Need Professional Advice?

So you may have embarked on the exciting journey of looking into lodging a partner visa for yourself or your loved one. If this is you, I highly recommend that you get some professional advice

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Priority in Designated Regional Areas

Good news on the horizon for people residing in designated regional areas! If you are currently living in a designated regional area in Australia and were planning to start the onshore partner

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Australia Partner Visa Processing Times 2020

So previously in recent years, onshore partner visas were taking approximately 18 to 22 months, to be processed, sometimes even longer for some applicants. This is simply because of the planning

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Australian Border: Travel Ban Exemptions and Restrictions

2020 what a year it’s been, it’s been a tough one all round. You may be one of the many couples who are getting very frustrated currently, due to the current travel restrictions and being forced

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