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Why is a Partner Visa so expensive?

You may be considering lodging a Partner Visa and hesitant due to how much it will cost you. Wondering why it is so expensive? Yes, the Partner Visa application charge is quite hefty. Currently,

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Why is getting professional help with your Partner Visa so expensive?

A question that I get asked all the time is “why is professional representation so expensive, all you do is fill out Partner Visa Application forms?” Well, a complete Partner Visa application

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Australian Partner Visa Cost 2020

Today, we will be talking about a very scary topic for most of you  – the partner visa cost. We will talk about what changes to expect this year, the partner visa cost and everything

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How much money do I need to sponsor a Visitor Visa applicant?

How much money do I need to sponsor a Visitor Visa applicant? The short answer is that you, as the sponsor, are NOT required to provide financial support. When you’re looking at sponsoring

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What is the true cost of a Partner Visa?

Get this— Australia is officially THE most expensive country in the world to bring your partner in to! Yes!! We think the direct fee for a Partner Visa application, currently cited

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Being in love should not be this hard…

Have you ever been in love? Most of us are lucky to get our happily ever after with our partners. But some of us are not so lucky. When the one you love is from a different country, trying

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Loving an Australian; the Most Expensive of all Foreign Partners.

  For many expats living abroad, finding love in your new city makes your new life even more worthwhile. When you fall in love with someone from another country and start to make

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Visa Fee Increase 2015

PARTNER VISA AND PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA FEE INCREASE GOVERNMENT PROPOSED FEE INCREASE 1 JULY 2015 Offshore partner visa fees are about to double in price with ALL partner visas regardless

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