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What effect will getting married have on our Partner Visa Application?

Now this blog is all about myth busting some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to partner visas. This blog is not intended to crush the dreams of any woman or man hoping the partner

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Marriage Equality and the Migration Act

Being a Migration Agent who specialises in partner visas, I claim to have one of the best jobs in the world. Day in and day out I help Australians who have fallen in love with someone from another country

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Where can I find a Partner Visa Checklist?

We are often asked about checklists. The partner visa checklist. Where is it? Can you send me the partner visa checklist? The simple answer is there is no one checklist when it comes to partner

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What’s the difference between an Australian Spouse Visa, Partner Visa, De Facto Visa?

Spouse Visa, Partner Visa, De Facto Visa — they are all the same Partner Visa essentially! There is no de facto visa, there is no spouse visa, there is no partner visa. They are all one

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients

5 Frequently asked questions that we at Freedom Migration hear from our Clients Question #1:  Do I need to get married to lodge a Partner Visa? No. You don’t need to get married for the purposes

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Why do I need a Registered Migration Agent?

Most potential migrants are unaware of just how expensive it is to migrate to Australia. When hit by a $7,000 visa processing fee on top of travel, document verification and many other hidden

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Home sweet home? Life after the visa

You’ve overcome the hurdles of your visa application, driven yourself crazy with deadlines and documents and now you have finally, Visa Granted! Congratulations and welcome! Now what? There

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For couples that are married, in a same-sex relationship or de-facto relationship.

For couples that are married, in a same-sex relationship or de-facto relationship. The Partner visa or otherwise known as a Spouse visa or De Facto visa is a visa upon grant allows the spouse

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Top 5 partner visa questions – Answered!

As a lover of a good love story and a partner visa expert, our Managing Director Emma Drynan of Freedom Migration shares her answers to the most frequently asked questions by families going down

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The Advantages of Cross-Cultural Relationships

While cross-cultural relationships may present their challenges to those involved. If you throw into the mix a Spouse Visa application or Prospective Marriage Visa application you can see how

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