Choose the right PARTNER VISA option for you

When you first start out on the Partner Visa Process there can be so many options to choose from.
Should you choose Offshore, Onshore, Prospective Marriage Visa? Or maybe you are just not ready for a Partner Visa yet? Check out our guide below to see if any of these sound like your situation.

The below examples are not to be taken as visa advice, they are for information purposes ONLY! Every Partner Visa is different and you should definitely get advice before applying for any visa or you risk loosing your application fee. If you want advice book in for a Visa Planning Session by clicking here... 

 Can I keep them here with me?

I am in a relationship with someone from overseas. They are here in Australia with me on a temporary visa (such as Visitor Visa, Working Holiday Visa or a temporary skilled or student Visa). There is no 8503 (no further stay) condition on the current Visa. We have been in a De-facto relationship for more than 12 months or we are married/registered our relationship.

 We want to be together in Oz!!!

I have fallen in love overseas. We are married/registered our relationship/have been in a De-facto relationship for more than 12 months. We both want to call Australia our home together. Currently, they have no temporary visa option to come to Australia or they have an Australian visa with an 8503 (no further stay) condition.

 We’re getting married soon!!!

My future wife/husband is from overseas. We have met in person and now we want to be together in Australia. We are planning to be legally married in the next 9 months either in Australia or Overseas. We are both at least 18 years of age or older. We genuinely intend to live together as a married couple once we are married.

 We’re not sure yet!!!

I have met someone from overseas. We have spent time together either online or in person. Our relationship is growing and we want to spend more time together in Australia. We don’t feel like we are ready for the commitment of a Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa just yet but we would really like to have some time to see if our relationship will move to the next level.

 None of these sound like me!!!

If none of the above situations sound like you then don’t panic! This is just a very general guide. No two relationships are the same; hence, no two Partner Visa applications will be the same as well. Click the button and book in for one of our Visa Planning Sessions and we will get you all the answers you need.