Christmas in the Air Conditioning!

A Christmas apart, but still in my heart

Another year has flown by and December has come around again. Usually a month where schools close for the year, adults are happy to leave the office and everyone is in a frenzy to buy Christmas presents— December is also a month where our cultural diversity reveals itself.

Whether it is your first Christmas in Australia or your 50th, everyone celebrates the holiday in a different way especially if you are the product of a cross-cultural relationship. Having parents from two different countries, my Christmas is always spent either in the cold English snow relishing a traditional hot dinner OR in the scorching summer sun enjoying a Christmas lunch in Australia.

Relishing a traditional Christmas hot dinner with mum.

Growing up it was always bitter sweet because for once, the many advantages of being from a family who has been through the partner visa process also become a disadvantage. I love experiencing both parts of my culture but sometimes celebrating Christmas can be sad when you have to spend it away from one side of your family.

Whether you come from Thailand, India, Philippines, Europe or anywhere else in the world, there will always be relatives you would miss over the holidays. As one of the most romantic holidays of the year, it is especially bad when you have to spend Christmas apart from your significant other. This is one of the reasons why we do what we do at Freedom Migration. If all that is standing in the way of being able to spend your Christmas with your family is a partner visa, then we’ve got all you need to fix it!

Christmas lunch with my Australian family in the air conditioning!

Christmas lunch with my Australian family in the air conditioning!

Over the years, I have relied on several ways to keep in touch with my family and loved ones and this year, I have learnt a few new ones just for Christmas!

  1. SKYPE

My go to option that is perfect for video calls or chats. And it’s free!

  1. PHONE

Texting can be a good way to keep in contact, but surprising your loved one with a phone call can be day maker too!


Any of these apps allow us to see and hear our loved ones from overseas for free, all you need is internet


Most people associate emails with work, so sometimes surprising your partner with a random affectionate email can boost their spirits!


Nothing beats receiving a physical handwritten letter! Trust me; your partner will be delighted by the gesture.

And just for Christmas, if you’re thinking about something extra special, send your family a personalised phone call from Santa! This has got to be one of my favourite ways to wish people a merry Christmas this year is

Nowadays, staying connected with family isn’t as difficult as before and just because we have to spend a Christmas apart, doesn’t mean we can’t send our loved ones messages from the heart. As 2015 draws to a close, take this time to plan your future so that you won’t have to go through Christmas alone again. Give us a call at +61730631200 contact us here and give yourself the best Christmas gift ever: the company of your loved one!

About the Author Emma Drynan MARN0960361

Emma is the founder and principal migration agent at Freedom Migration. She is extremely passionate about uniting partners and families with their loved ones overseas. It might be because she's a product of a partner visa family.

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