Everyday is Valentine’s Day: Parvinder & Gaytri

How did it all begin for you?

Their relationship began as a long-distance one, as Gaytri, a businesswoman and architect, was miles away across the sea in India while Parvinder was here in Australia.

The couple first made contact through a dating website and ‘were talking crazy hours’ online   before they actually met in person around nine months later. Parvinder flew to India and, seeing a beautiful, smiling Gaytri recalled, “When I saw her it was just, like, we are made for each other, it was like LOVE at first sight!!”

What will your partner says he/she loves most about you?

A real romantic at heart, it seems Parvinder loves everything about Gaytri and he says his ‘day is made’ if he sees Gaytri happy and smiling. He openly expresses his love for her and his willingness to do anything for Gaytri, his ‘one and only…’ – how awesome is that?!

What is your favourite memory of your life together so far?

While they had been waiting eagerly to get married, both remember their wedding day as being extra special.

“For me, it would be the wedding day and, for you, what would it be?” Gaytri says as she checks with Parvinder. To which Parvinder totally agrees, and adds, “When we got married, it was one of the best and beautiful days of my life.”

What was your biggest worry when applying for the Partner Visa?

Being really keen to be together permanently as soon as possible, both Gaytri and Parvinder were concerned about two things; firstly, how long it would take for Gaytri’s Visa to come through and secondly, whether or not she would in fact be granted her Visa.

While understanding the timeline from the beginning of their Visa application process could take anything from fifteen to eighteen months, Parvinder expressed his confidence in the Freedom Migration team – if anyone could ‘DEFINITELY’ get their ‘boat to shore’, the Freedom Migration team could!!

In fact, Gaytri joyfully recalls thinking Parvinder had been joking when she later heard their Visa was granted in six months, record time!!

“I remember when he called me, I was in India, I was driving, (and) he says, ‘just pull your car over on one side,’ he said, ‘you got your visa!!’”she remembers happily.

What was it like to hear the visa was granted?

As he was about to leave the office one afternoon, Parvinder remembers getting a call from Sophia of Freedom Migration but he had no idea this was THE call they were waiting for. When he first heard her tell him the Visa had been granted, he found it hard to take it in!

“The feeling was just out of the world!” he exclaimed. He waited for the news to sink in before he called Gaytri to tell her. He was also really pleased he was the one to break the great news to Gaytri.

“But the best thing about that is, Sophia didn’t email Gaytri about the visa, she emailed me so I can call Gaytri and tell her the good news myself!” Parvinder recalled.

What is life together now?

Parvinder and Gaytri are so happy to be together permanently in the same country and in the same time zone. No more wondering for Parvinder what Gaytri might be doing in a different time and space.

“I can call her up anytime,” he says, “I can spend time with her and we can go out shopping together, we can roam around on the weekends as well, we are together.”

In fact, being together has made a huge difference to both their lives. Before Gaytri came to Australia, he used to want to go to work over weekends as there was this big, empty gap at home, but now, the opposite is true.

“I feel like I should be at home with her all the time!” Parvinder says.

And so to Parvinder and Gaytri, we at Freedom Migration wish you well and say, “Yours is SUCH a beautiful love story. We are so lucky you chose us to be a part of your journey!!”

About the Author Emma Drynan MARN0960361

Emma is the founder and principal migration agent at Freedom Migration. She is extremely passionate about uniting partners and families with their loved ones overseas. It might be because she's a product of a partner visa family.

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