Booking in for a Visa Consultation?

First let's explain what we will cover in a Visa Consultation;

The first thing we need to ask about is your love story!

Then we'll get into the 'nuts & bolts' . . . that is the legal aspect of applying for a visa.

This includes:

  • Identify based on the specifics of your relationship history, if you are likely to meet the requirements for one of the relevant visas;
  • Give you straight and candid advice about your preferred visa pathway, including advising if an option is not a fit for you;
  • Guide you to find a solution that has you feeling confident and clear about your future together in Australia whether it includes working together or you ‘going it alone’; 
  • Explain to you what Immigration will consider when assessing your Application.
  • Discuss some examples of what evidence you could use in your specific case.
  • Answer the questions you have regarding lodging the application.
  • Bust some of the common myths that are out there about Partner Migration.

If you want to ask about our services we can talk about that at the end of the session AFTER we have answered your questions.

If you decide you don't need our help any further, that is totally fine. We will be happy knowing that we have put you on the right track.

The session is via Zoom (Video Call) or Phone. 

While we are very generous with our knowledge it’s really important to be realistic about what can be achieved in the scope of a A Visa Consultation. 


Here’s what not to expect:


  • We can’t teach you everything you need to know to go off and DIY your visa application. If only Migration Law was that simple…
  • It is not a suitable service for couples who want their prepared application reviewed. Our Migration Agents are amazing but no one can responsibly review an entire partner visa application in one session!

  • We cannot review your documents or statements or forms, as giving an opinion about these requires us to consider all of the facts of your case and not comment in isolation… This is to protect you.

For most couples this is a new process and often the complexities are misunderstood.

Easiest way to explain what can and can’t be achieved in a 45-minute session:

  • Would your mechanic be able to explain to you in less than an hour…. how you can DIY fix your car?
  • Would you feel safe representing yourself in a criminal legal matter in court after a single meeting with a lawyer? 

The cost for the Visa Planning Session is $220, payable on the day of the consult.

Kindly read our full Visa Consultation Terms and Conditions here.

Absolute legends. I just finished my meeting with Emma who gave me some much needed advice after a stressful few weeks of having to provide more info for our partner visa and feeling totally lost. I am confident now that we will get approved and if we don't I will know who to call! Appreciate it SO much!

I had a phone consultation with Joanne a few days ago and it was fantastic. When the call was over I was feeling relieved, because I received the information that I was looking for. Now I'm feeling more confident about my application. I'm a person who likes to do thing by myself, but when it comes to Visas you should seek a professional like her: reliable, experienced and keen to help. I consider the cost of the service an investment.