Meet Kaitlyn

Howdy! I'm Kaitlyn, the Happiness Coordinator here at Freedom Migration. I was born and raised in Texas and never imagined I'd move out of state let alone across the world.

When I met my Australian partner, a Brisbane native, it became clear that we only had one option if we wanted our happily ever after: one of us would need to make the move 8,305 miles (13,366 kilometers) away from the only home we had known.

After much deliberation, we decided it would be best for me to be the one to make the move. We began looking into what visa I should apply for and were completely overwhelmed.

That's when we met Emma (you'll meet her soon).

While researching visas, my partner came across Freedom Migration, and we scheduled a Visa Strategy Session with Emma. My partner sat there in the office with me on video chat propped up on Emma's desk.

We were both nervous out of our minds, but talking to Emma was like talking to an old friend. We left the office with a couple of paths to choose from, and when we were ready, we joined the Freedom Migration family. They truly made the process so much easier than it would've been if we'd gone at it alone.

In February 2020, I brought my mom over to meet my Aussie family for the first time in person and to see the wedding venue we had picked out. We returned to the States just a week before the borders closed due to COVID.

After 659 days apart, we were finally reunited just in time for our first Christmas together in our 4 year relationship.

Maybe you're separated from your partner right now.

I've been there, I see you, and I want to help.

Maybe you and your partner are together, but you're still trying to secure your future together in Australia. I see you too, and I want to help.

When you're ready, give me a call. I'll be the one on the other end.