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Visa Planning Session

A Visa Planning Session is our basic service and is an absolute essential for anyone considering lodging a Partner Visa Application. For some couples who want to DIY, this is all the help they may need.

The Partner Visa Academy

The Partner Visa Academy is the ideal option for families who are up for the DIY option.  Once inside the academy you can download all of our templates and checklists to help you navigate the Partner Visa process on your own. 

The 'Bee's Knees' Package

This package is called the 'Bees Knees' package as it is exactly that. We take complete control of the partner visa application process from now until the time the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision. 

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Client Reviews


Emma and the Freedom Migration team made the whole process so simple

Emma and the Freedom Migration team made the whole process so simple. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different forms but my partner and I joined the Partner Visa academy with Freedom Migration and it walked us through the entire process. At any point we were confused or had a question, we'd just log into the academy and sure enough the answers where there and easy to find. I can't recommend it highly enough, it has made our lives so much easier but not only that, the is information in priceless - there is no way we would have know how to prepare and what to prepare, to the level of detail and accuracy that the academy provided.... AH! THANK YOUUUUUUU.

Peter Johnston

Absolute legends. I just finished my meeting with Emma who gave me some much needed advice

Absolute legends. I just finished my meeting with Emma who gave me some much needed advice after a stressful few weeks of having to provide more info for our partner visa and feeling totally lost. I am confident now that we will get approved and if we don't I will know who to call! Appreciate it SO much!

Beky Sue

Very professional, well informed and a great friendly attitude.

After falling victim to several uninformed immigration lawyers and just given bad information it was finally great to have an hour phone consultation with Joanne Cotton-Odgaard from freedom migration, Very professional, well informed and a great friendly attitude. Thanks for your time, I plan to use freedom migration again in the future if I need more immigration services for my partner and I recommend their services.

Jock Reed

The session far exceeded my expectations and hopes.

I had an in-person Partner Visa planning consult with Joanne in Perth today and am absolutely over the moon with the experience!! From booking to confirmation to being greeted at the appointment, the communication was fast and on point. Joanne is obviously passionate about this work and was beyond helpful in answering all of my questions, providing clear and detailed guidance, and allaying my concerns regarding the application process. The session far exceeded my expectations and hopes. If you are considering tackling the 820/801 application on your own, I strongly recommend investing in a planning consultation with Freedom Migration. It was simply amazing value for money!! (If you are looking for an RMA to assist a more difficult application I imagine Joanne would be amazing based on how much she helped with just this consult.) And if you're in Perth, schedule your appointment in person. Joanne is absolutely lovely and a quality person to spend an hour or so with talking about one of the most important processes of your life


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