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Check out our Partner Visa FAQ's

Do I need to get married to lodge the Partner Visa?

What's the difference between a Subclass 820 and a Subclass 309 Partner Visa?

Where can I get a Partner Visa Document Checklist?

Can I apply for a Partner Visa while I am on a Visitor Visa

We haven't lived together for 12 month, can we still apply for a De Facto Visa?

What is a "Bridging Visa"?


“I could trust her Judgement 100%...”

 "Fantastic Service! ... Emma was simply incredible, very friendly and helpful. I felt very confident that my application was being dealt with promptly and professionally. Emma was always there when I needed a question answered and I could trust her judgement 100%. I happened to find Freedom after having a very awful experience with a previous lawyer and from the very first time of speaking with Emma I knew I wanted to transfer my case / application right away, she was amazing! Best decision I ever made!"

Lucy Sharpe, Facebook Review

​Who should Apply for a Partner Visa?

A partner visa is often the best solution for couple’s who are planning a future together in Australia. If granted, a partner visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to enter into Australia to be with their partner or to remain in Australia (if the visa applicant can apply from inside Australia).

There is a long list of requirements and your suitability for a partner visa will depend on a number of different factors. While you feel you might meet the requirements, it’s important you are also able to evidence how you meet these requirements and this is often where couple’s struggle.

Migrating to Australia doesn’t have to be a lengthy, confusing and difficult process. Australia is known for its stress-free lifestyle, and with Freedom Migration, your migration experience will be the same.​

​What happens in a Partner Visa Planning Session?

During a Partner Visa Planning Session with us you will tell us all about the love of your life, what your plans are, what your worries are and when you want to be together. What we will do during this session is;

    • Tell you if you meet the requirements
    • Look at all the possible evidence you might have
    • Give you a plan on how to move forward
    • Answer any questions you have on the process
    • Clear up any worries you have and set you straight on common misconceptions

A small bit of planning at the start can save you thousands in the long run and reduce the stress while waiting on the impending visa.

Having a Visa Planning Session is really the absolute minimum you should do before forking out the non-refundable $7K fee to Department of Immigration and Border Protection and if you have a more complex issue such as children involved or a health issue then it's an absolute must.

At the end of this planning session you and your loved one will walk away feeling clearer and confident about your future. You’ll be able to start planning your life for the long term