A Freedom Migration Offshore Love Story

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FlyTrade Invest

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August 27 2021

Great experience working with Julie, Gracelda and the rest of the team at Freedom Migration. Once all the requirements was done on our end, all the lodging was pretty much done perfectly without any worries.

We were also impressed on the time frame that it was done!

A great service, well done and thank you
Ernesto and Celine

Nic Mead

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14 July 2021

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Freedom Migration (and in particular Rofia) were professional and supportive throughout my visa case. I would recommend them highly to anyone who is in need of professional assistance with their visa. The team was thorough and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. After consulting with other migration agents and experiencing poor results, I was dubious at first. Yet Freedom Migration were head and shoulders above the rest and I am so happy I decided to go with them. A big thanks to the whole team!

Kay de Guzman

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20 Apr 2021

We would like to thank freedom migration especially Julie & Gracelda for helping us achieve our dream. We lodge our visa (subclass820/801) last year and we get a double grant/ permanent residency in less than a year. Julie & Gracelda is very professional and very friendly when answering our questions. We are so grateful for you services. I am really happy that I really did an intensive research on the best migration agents that could help our case. It was really worth it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mereoni Vocea

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24 Mar 2021

I greatly recommend Freedom Migration to anyone or partners looking for a genuine migration agent worth your money. This is it !! They have a team with years of experiences & the passion in serving their clients.....great customer service & knows how to deal with each individual case....I just appreciate them.... special thanks to Rofia, Ella ,& team and those behind the scenes that assisted us in putting together our documents for my partnership Visa. Thanks again & God bless!


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2 Mar 2021

A big THANK YOU!! to the team at Freedom Migration. A job well done guys!! My wife’s 309 Provisional partner visa application got approved in just 2 months. Not to mention the Christmas break in between.
A special shoutout to Julie and Gracelda. There were no hidden costs and team is professional, courteous and friendly. Online portal to upload and track the documents was very helpful. We chose “The 'Bee's Knees' Package”. Contract was simple and easy to understand and the team were kind enough to do minor adjustments we requested.

Julie was our Agent. She worked out a plan for us leading up to the lodgement date and also provided us with a custom made list of documents that were suited for our situation. She was kind and quick to answer all our questions on the same day and provided a lot of guidance leading up to the lodgement date and beyond. Gracelda is an excellent and outstanding coordinator. She was following up on our progress with the documentation on a timely manner giving us the well needed support and guidance and facilitated the medicals and police checks.

Julie and Gracelda, you guys are amazing and the best. Most of all thanks for being patient and supportive of us and our situation and making the process a whole lot easier and quicker. We strongly and definitely recommend Freedom Migration to all the friends and family. We will forever be grateful for the help and support and we eagerly look forward to working with you again for my wife’s subclass 100 Permanent partner visa.

Ronell Cecilla Naude

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3 Feb 2021

Emma and her team is professional, friendly and offered us excellent service. We could not have asked for a better team! I would highly recommend Freedom Migration to anyone looking at a partner/spouse visa. We wanted to do it on our own, but soon realized it is going to be extremely difficult and costly if we make a mistake. We felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork, but Freedom Migration provided us with easy to follow instructions which made the process so much easier. Thank you!!!

Noella Cota

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13 Dec 2020

We worked with Rofia from freedom migration. She was extremely helpful in explaining the visa process to us and guided us through every step of the way. Thank you for being so patient with us and answering all the silly questions that we had over the umpteen calls. I recommend going with the Freedom migration team, as it makes the whole visa application process easy, time bound & spot-on. It takes away a lot of stress, doubt, confusion and "figuring out what needs to be done". It leaves you with peace of mind. Our onshore partner visa got approved in about 3.5 months and we owe it to the efforts of freedom migration team. A very happy customer, Thanks a million!

Rodolfo Espinosa Gomez

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19 Nov 2020

Freedom Migration helped me to get my citizenship in a record time. Years before, they helped my and my wife to get our residencies. Very dynamic smart, knowledgeable and honest team. Pricewise, they are really fair and honest. Thank you FM team.

Kevin Spurway

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6 Nov 2020

We would like to thank Freedom Migration for their professionalism and ongoing help and support through our application for our partner Visa. All the staff have been very helpful and friendly always keen to assist in all matters and understanding. I can personally recommend them to provide the best service for your partner Visa. Truly a happy customer. Thanks heaps and very appreciative of all the efforts of the team I'm making this so easy.

Thomas Carmichael

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3 Nov 2020

Amazing people friendly and really helpful helping me and my partner with the spouse visa

Ashleigh Trollope

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26 Oct 2020

My partner and I recently employed Freedom Migration to help with a visa application. We found them through YouTube and decided to work with them based on their compassionate approach to couples. We highly recommend their service and are so grateful that our application process was straight forward and we were successful!!

Emic Hong

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11 Oct 2020

Words can't describe how happy I am now. They help you every step and always there when you need the help

Suren naidoo

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1 Oct 2020

Highly motivated staff and organisation ,special thanks to Rofia and her team, in fact they were like " chasing us for information , rather than the other way around"

Paul Palandjian

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6 Sep 2020

The Freedom Migration team has been able to provide the best service for the partner visa. I don't have enough words to say my thankfulness for their efforts on this visa process specially for Julie Van Arts, Gracelda Malonzo and also Elvira Conner. There Professional approach to our partner visa application was very thorough and the friendly team at Freedom Migration are very empathetic of our situation they build a strong case for us and it is early stages but it is Positive so far, very responsive and communication was a very prompt. I would highly recommend Freedom Migrations services to anyone or any couple that wants to have a successful outcome on there visa application. Thank you from Paul and Bertha.

Nathaly Pabon

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27 Aug 2020

!! Freedom Migration !!

We have received our permanent residence after a big process with this amazing team and we are more than happy to share this exiting news with everyone. Thanks you so much for your constantly supporting specially our migration agent Joanne cotton-Odgaard. I was very satisfactory that the permanent residency was granted so quickly after being lodged! Well Done #weareoverthemoon I will take this opportunity to highly recommend Freedom Migration as they will be always our best option. Jock & Nathaly

Jon Brennan

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17 Aug Sep 2020

The team at Freedom Migration were extremely professional and personal in their approach to us obtaining our Australian visa. They ensured all the necessary information was collected and submitted correctly along with routine updates to keep the application progressing. It was a pleasure to have their support through the process and much appreciated.

Neno Marinovic

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24 Jul 2020

I would like to say to all team members of Freedom Migration especially to Elvira thank you so much for hard work and team to help me to have my wife today to be with me and in the future it was hard for both of us but I can tell you it was worth it to get to this level especially in this situation with COVID-19 It was great to work with all of you excellent service communication and very helpful and I will continue working with all of you to get my wife to next level (permanent resident)and to get our girls from Thailand If anyone has a problem to bring their love ones from overseas I recommend to everyone and my friends and family to use Freedom Migration Congratulations to the team Freedom Migration!!! Excellent work!

Nina & Mohan

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22 Jun 2020

Emma, Rofia and the rest of the team at Freedom Migration have done an unbelievable job in guiding us through the application process from start to submission. We were so impressed with the introductory visa planning session with Emma that we decided to go with their full package. They informed us at the outset all the steps involved and all the documents and supporting evidence needed and they tailored it specifically for our situation. Rofia was the point person during the entire process and she did a great job of answering our numerous day-to-day questions with utmost clarity and patience, while also helping us navigate through the minor but crucial details, which we would have missed had we done the application by ourselves. The team at the Freedom migration was very prompt in their responses and it helped speed up the application submission time by a full week than what was originally agreed. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone planning to apply for an Australian partner visa due to their vast knowledge of the partner visa process, the interest they showed in understanding our case and the meticulousness with which they put the application together.

Owain Emanuel

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22 May 2020

I can't recommend Freedom Migration enough! They helped myself and my partner so much with the partner visa process. From the get go we felt that we were in capable and trustworthy hands. During the first meeting they put us at ease and took the time to understand our situation and came up with the best way to go about it. From then on, it was like clock work. They were professional, thorough and on the ball every step of the way. Always providing us lists of what we needed to submit and didn't let us slack. We never felt as if we were forgotten about and they were always happy to answer our questions. Once our partner visa was granted, they were just as excited for us and we were!

Jessica Quiñones

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20 Mar 2020

Elvira, Susan and Melisa are very friendly. They helped me in all my process from the beginning to the end. Always in constant communication through emails, phone calls and always advising me what to do and how to organise my papers. They are really the good ones. My temporary PR came earlier than expected.!!! Thank you guys.!

Zainab Alabri

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6 Mar 2020

Freedom Migration/ Brisbane (specifically Emma and her team) are absolutely an incredible team. I have just got my permanent residency and my partner and I are over the moon. It’s been a long journey but we got there eventually with all the help we got from Freedom Migration. We are very glad that we went through this amazing team for such an important step in our lives. We were taking care of from DAY 1! From our first meeting with Emma, we felt comfortable, confident in the team and with the process. Everything was explained to us and all our questions and concerns were answered. Through the process, the team always answered our questions and replied to our emails very quickly. They cared about us and our relationship was more than a client- business relationship. They wanted to know how we are going and we felt that they were like a second family that we can discuss concerns and share exciting news with. My partner and I would definitely recommend Freedom Migration/ Brisbane. They will take care of you and help you every step of the way. They will take the pressure off you during the journey and you can trust that they will get you there.

Orsolya M

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7 Feb 2020

I have been trusting Freedom Migration with all my visa application for a reason. The team has been wonderful and as a client I felt valued and the team really listened to understand my case. I knew we were in safe hands the moment I read Elvira’s first email. She and the team were supportive and looked after us and our application throughout the entire time. Elvira not only made sure our documents were collected and uploaded on time but she also provided feedback on the quality of the evidence. Thanks to Freedom Migration our partner visa application was granted without any difficulty or delay.

Karolina Lach

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17 Jan 2020

Big thank you to the whole Freedom Migration, I would not make it without you! :).

Eric Eddie

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3 Jan 2020

The whole team at Freedom Migration was excellent and very supportive. They were also very positive and walked us step-by-step through the painful and stressful process of partnership visa application. They were timely in their responses, went above and beyond to respond to our queries, put together a comprehensive application for us and most of all pre-empted what the immigration department needed from us in terms of information. I think this reflects their depth of experience as migration agents. I do believe that it is because of the team's efforts that our partnership visa application has been granted! Thank you so much Elvira, Evelyn, Emma and Mel.

Ynot Neol

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7 Nov 2019

I came across Freedom Migration via YouTube, and had read some good reviews. When I made an appointment, I met Melissa for the first time. She was kind and genuine, and made detailed notes about my case. Little did I know that these important details would help me with my visa application. From then on, Rofia and Jen provided understanding, prompt responses to my queries and encouragement. I strongly recommend anyone seeking the assistance and expertise provided by Freedom Migration.

Han Tran

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17 Oct 2019

Thank you to all the very helpful staff at Freedom Migration who helped make the process of getting my partner visa very easy - special thanks to Rofia who was there to help every step of the way , it takes a lot of work to get your application done but Freedom made it easy would hate to do it without them. Thanks again to the great team at FM - now I can enjoy my life with the man I love.

Jennifer Chappuis

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9 Sep 2019

I got my partner visa with Freedom Migration. They helped us at every step. Amazing team. A doubt, some questions, some worries.. the team is always here to help you, to answer you. Thank you very much for everything.

Jader Julio

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21 Aug 2019

Our future is certain thanks to Freedom It is with pleasure that we highly recommend Emma and the team at Freedom Migration. Some time ago we embarked on the journey of obtaining a partner visa and faced some significant challenges. This process was so vital to our future, not to mention the substantial cost - we didn't want to leave anything to chance. We are so glad we found Emma to navigate us through the difficult process. Without her and the team, I'm not certain what would have become of our application, or even if the outcome would have been a happy one. Thankfully we can say our outcome was a successful one, owed entirely to the hard work of the Freedom Migration team. Something that has been very important to us and must be mentioned is the professional and supportive nature of Emma and her team. From the moment we met Emma, we felt completely comfortable and confident she had our best interest in mind. Emma was very professional, but she went much further than that. Emma treated us like friends and took a genuine interest in our lives and interests, and that made such a difference - it cannot be overstated. Having someone by your side through such a difficult, nervous and lengthy period of your life is vital. Emma never left us with unrealistic expectations about what we faced, yet we couldn't help but feel confident that we were in the right hands. The outcome for us was a successful and happy one, and we owe it all to Emma and her awesome team. Thank you!

Adam Schell

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9 Jul 2019

How does someone express enough gratitude for having their life be made happy and complete? I have been looked after by Emma, Charmaine, Gwen, Joel and Vania over the course of the last 4, almost 5 years. Navigating the confusing visa process alone would be stressful, complicated and frustrating I would think, and having someone there to just send you an email or have a chat when you need makes all the difference. My partner is now a PR in Australia, we have a little 3yr old boy, and we're (hopefully) almost at the end of finalising a visa for my partner's daughter to also join us. It's been such a long and drawn our process that feels never-ending, but knowing that the people who help you actually care about your situation makes all the difference. I have never felt like a client, but a friend, and I intend to continue staying in touch with Emma and her staff even after all our visa requirements are finished. I recommend anyone who is needing visa services to at least contact Emma and her team, you won't be disappointed. Thanks guys! 🙂

Parvinder Singh

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26 Jun 2019

I am feeling short of words to express my gratitude towards Emma, Joanne, Sophia and all the other people who i may not know directly but have helped me and my partner through the Partner Visa. You guys made the whole visa process look so easy. I have asked so many stupid question during the whole process, and i have always got the answers from you guys in detail, as to how the whole visa process works. We were kept informed with all the changes happening and what should we expect, which was a big plus for us. We felt involved and the trust among us grew throughout the process. It feels like being part of a FAMILY with you guys. Thank you so much for helping me and wife with everything. I wish you guys best of luck.

Frank Martino

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6 Nov 2018

From start to finish the team at freedom helped make our dream to get Martini here on her first visit a reality.. Samantha and Charmaine were really great to deal with and taking Marty to Brisbane to meet Samantha was a highlight of our journey.

Katrina Stone

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22 Oct 2018

The Freedom Migration Team are truly amazing with preparing and lodging my partner visa. They have given myself and my partner support and help over the past two years. And with their help and guidance, we had our visa granted. I can not give enough praise to this amazing company. Communication is always direct, fast and clear. And even when I had 50 questions they always got back to me.

Peter Johnston

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12 Apr 2018

Emma and the Freedom Migration team made the whole process so simple. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different forms but my partner and I joined the Partner Visa academy with Freedom Migration and it walked us through the entire process. At any point we were confused or had a question, we'd just log into the academy and sure enough the answers where there and easy to find. I can't recommend it highly enough, it has made our lives so much easier but not only that, the is information in priceless - there is no way we would have know how to prepare and what to prepare, to the level of detail and accuracy that the academy provided.... AH! THANK YOUUUUUUU.

Sohaib Altaf

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15 Jan 2018

Freedom migration is undoubtedly one of the best migration agents in Brisbane. I would like to Thanks Emma Drynan for her help in my wife's Partner visa application. She made my case so easy that my wife got visa grants much earlier than anticipated.

Thanks, Emma for providing five-star service.

Ekaterina Wong

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19 Aug 2017

Emma and her team did a fantastic job helping us through the process of getting the Partner visa. Choosing them was our best decision.
If you are reading this review contemplating (like us a year ago) whether or not you should apply for a visa by yourself or go with an agency - I definitely recommend Freedom Migration. My husband and I actually started the process on our own and as it went along it got just too demanding and stressful. Not knowing whether we are doing fine, not being able to easily get answers from the Embassy, it all piled up and we asked Freedom Migration for help.
Emma and her team provided us with informative and professional consultations throughout the process of getting the visa. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, they are easy to reach whenever you need them, they patiently explain all the details and deal with stressed out clients with respect and care. Their personalized approach and support made us feel at ease during the whole process. We are very grateful to Emma and her team and will definitely recommend their service to anyone making this big step in their lives.

Zahidul Islam

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27 Feb 2014

Its a good service for all..

Mark G

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5 Aug 2021

My partner and I decided to use Freedom Migration in the seeking of an Partner Visa 309/100. My partner was abroad (Philippines) and while travel was limited we went through the application process with FM - and I am very glad we did as the Visa was granted last week after 12 months post application. It is a very expensive process in regards to seeking this Visa and after much consideration we chose FM. All of the various forms and proofs as well as numerous requirements were laid out for us and they guided us through the whole process ensuring that what was completed was as the Department would be seeking - this helped immensely as there were many items I would never have considered if we had done this ourselves and it could have made the process very long, and in the worst case scenario a failure with a large financial loss. My Partner and I would like to thank Julie and Gracelda, and all the team at FM in getting our Visa granted and making the process much less stressful and risky if we had approached completing it ourselves. Cheers.

Dino Janevski

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21 Apr 2021

Hired their services because my wife and I were too anxious to do this ourselves. The entire time they were patient to explain everything to us, and handled the whole process flawlessly. Very frequent communication, and fast responses via email, with the agent assigned to our case. Through some miracle, the visa that we applied for was approved within 3 months of applying, even though it has on average 2+ years of wait time. The service was worth the price tag, and that's something that rarely happens.

Dragono Halim

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29 Mar 2021

Freedom Migration helped us with getting travel exemption during Covid-19 travel ban, and has provided us with valuable insights and advices during the process. Pearl and Rofia assisted us step-by-step for the application until we received the approval. Highly recommended!

Minda Millanes

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11 Mar 2021

to freedom migration in behalf of your whole team to mam, avelyn,to maam elvira to.melissa thank you so much for helping me.from the bottom of my hearth thank you so much you are really honest agents.

Montana Burnett

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25 Feb 2021

The team at Freedom Migration have been amazing in the assistance of lodging our de facto partnership visa. From our first virtual face-to-face interview we felt the team to be personable, trustworthy, professional and experienced. The information provided to us was clear and concise giving us a thorough understanding of what was expected from us and the service provided from their end throughout the entire process. There were no hidden fees, their support and communication was ongoing and we felt we developed a genuine relationship with our team. Thank you to the entire team at Freedom Migration for ensuring the approval of our visa, allowing us to continue our love here in Australia together. We appreciate your hard work and support. We have no hesitation in recommending Freedom Migration to friends and loved ones who are also looking for guidance and support with any visa process. We thank you for making our lives so much easier and playing such a huge part in getting our visa approved!

Susan Dhungel

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4 Feb 2021

The whole team was amazing - special mention to Rofia. They've helped us in so many ways in getting our partners visa application granted from start to finish. They were very responsive to all our queries and easy to communicate. Freedom Migration assisted us in every step and gave us regular update about the status of our visaMy husband and I would definitely recommend Freedom Migration to anyone that needs help with processing their VISA application in Australia. 5 star all the way!

Susan Dhungel

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15 Jan 2021

From the beginning of the lodging process till the end, Me and my partner were given absolute best service from freedom migration. Best agents who were Always there to response to any queries we had and ever so professionally. We are so glad we chose you guys for our future together. Thanks a lot !

Daniel Bauly

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24 Nov 2020

Emma and her team were very helpful and accommodating, they were able to answer all of our questions and gave us great advice. The partner visa academy platform was easy to use and as a result, our offshore Partner visa was approved in just over 4 months. We couldn't be happier with the service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody else

Neno Marinovic

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10 Nov 2020

I would like to say to all team members of Freedom Migration especially to Elvira and Julie thank you so much for hard work and team to help me to have my wife today to be with me and in the future it was hard for both of us but I can tell you it was worth it to get to this level especially in this situation with COVID-19. It was great to work with all of you excellent service communication and very helpful and I will continue working with all of you to get my wife to next level (permanent resident)and to get our girls from Thailand If anyone has a problem to bring their love ones from overseas I recommend to everyone and my friends and family to use Freedom Migration Congratulations to the team Freedom Migration!!! Excellent work!

Israel Lapan

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3 Nov 2020

Glad we signed up with Freedom Migration. The agents practically walk you through the entire process and are basically acting on your behalf and are with you every step of the way. Had my PR granted within 14 months of lodging my application which I consider an exceptional feat given what most business houses and organisations have been going through during the pandemic. Although most of their staff had been working from home, the agent assisting us had managed to stay in close communication with my partner and I. I highly recommend their professional services to anyone out there as they are very transparent with their processes and extremely thorough at executing the task at hand. Thanks again Freedom Migration

Lester Jones

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22 Oct 2020

My wife and I would like to thank Rofia and her team for all the help that we have recieved with our Partnership Visa application. Freedom Migration really do take the pain out of doing the whole process yourself. We have recieved support every step of way so far! Rofia is very helpful and we both are excited to continue to work closely with her. Also the receptionist Brittany at Freedom Migration always has a positive attitude whenever we call and is very friendly We Highly recommend Freedom Migration and will tell any of our friends that will possibly need to lodge a partner visa application in the future to go through this company. Thankyou again!

Aditya sharma

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1 Oct 2020

Really appreciate for helping us.. Me and my family will be always thankful to you all.. Thankyou so muchhhhhhh.....

Andre Taylor

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13 Sep 2020

Highly professional company. I received all the assistance that I needed. Rofia my agent analysed my case and developed a specific visa application that was successful.

Guan-Chen Wu

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29 Aug 2020

Julie is the person that helped me out the most during the visa application, she is a very dedicated person and knows the whole process and how it works. She literally gave me step by step direction and help me to understand what to do with my visa, overall I’m extremely happy with her service. Can not be happier than this, got my VISA after all of her help and leads. Thank you so much!!

Katrina Wood

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21  Aug 2020

We needed to lodge our visa within a pretty tight schedule. The team was more than willing and extremely helpful along the way. They made sure we were always ready and ontrack to lodge right on schedule. Easily the best, and would highly recommend.

Ibrahim Volpi

Google review

26 Jul 2020

I would like to say that me and my partner are incredibly grateful for all the hard work, care and professionalism of Emma and all the Team of Freedom Migration. They played a fundamental role in us achiving my dreamed permanent residency.

Dimitri Gavotto

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3 Jul 2020

Freedom Migration services were such a different experience to the previous immigration firm I used in the past(Visa Simply). Freedom Migration was very friendly, and also very good at understanding and advising me on what I was trying to achieve. They have a good system in place to simplify all the different processes. I really appreciated their responsiveness and and ability to answer all my questions. Thanks to them I was able to feel more relaxed and confident about my visa application.

Ina Kirmes

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26 Jun 2020

I was very impressed with the professional support I received from Freedom Migration. The application process was quick and stress-free, all procedures were well coordinated, all questions answered instantly. Also, approval was faster than expected.

Dee O

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19 Jun 2020

Best immigration agents. Emma and everyone in Freedom Migration were very professional during my journey Special Thanks to Rofia she went above and beyond for us. She was extremely prompt, professional and efficient from start to finish. We still can not believe our journey finally came to an end. We highly recommend our Freedom Migration Family to everyone who fell in love with an Australian partner:) Thanks a million Great TEAM. Deren & Zeyneb

Behzad Shoja

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5 Jun 2020

Highly professional, supportive and amazing team of experts! They were always there for us when we needed help or any questions! They walked us through every single step of this process, and just recently we received the first part of our visa! We are so grateful to have had their expertise, and could not have done it without them.

Reece Townsend

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3 Apr 2020

The Freedom Migration team (Emma, Mel, Julie, Joel and Gracelda; who we dealt with) did an incredible job, going above and beyond in assisting with our defacto visa application. They were all very approachable and we had no hesitation in calling them for help and assistance when we needed. They were all extremely professional and efficient, keeping us up to date and informed throughout the entire process. We felt as though we were working with them as a unit and couldn't fault them in any way. We would highly recommend them for anyone seeking visa assistance. Thank you for helping us tell our love story and we hope with all your amazing hard work we will be successful in the next stages of this process.


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7 Mar 2020

Emma and the team are kind, professional and genuine. They go above and beyond for their clients and REALLY care. I am not someone who leaves reviews regularly but these guys have done so much for my wife and I, that I couldn’t help but sing their praises. I would recommend them to anyone, such a great bunch of people who take the worry and confusion out of immigration. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THEM!!!

Ladia Tomines

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7 Feb 2020

Excellence is never an accident nor luck. It is the result of great intention, priceless effort, professionalism at its best and the vision of getting an absolute great result. These are one of the things that I can describe about my husband and I's experience with Freedom Migration. From the beginning of dealing with Sophia, Emma, Rofia, Charmaine, Mel, Joel and the whole team, we could not ask for a better relationship and professionalism. My husband and I are such big fans that we consider them a family now. Migration can be a scary process due to uncertainties but this agency has assured us that it will be a smooth transaction. We felt their sincerity and we could not ask for more. I think that these guys deserve more than a 5-star rating - I have received my Permanent Residency in 2.5 months. If you are looking for an agency that has your best interest at heart then Freedom Migration is your best friend. Cheers, Ladia and Paul

Lx&r N

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15 Feb 2020

Emma was great and very considered and helpful with her suggestions. We could have taken some more expensive routes that wouldn't have had any better success but she made sure we went down the most sensible route.

Abegail Round

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10 Jan 2020

Freedom Migration has been a wonderful team that has made me and my partner's visa application journey more simple than we could have hoped for. I want to especially thank Emma, Rofia, Jen and Mel who has taken really good care of us and were always there whenever we had any problems or questions regarding the visa. From the first day that my partner and I met with Emma, I knew that they were going to be perfect for us because of the genuine interest that they showed for our story and the comfortableness that they made us feel throughout the whole process. My partner and I truly appreciate all the help that they've given us and will always treasure this moment of having a wonderful team by our side who has made our dream of being permanently together in this country closer to reality. A huge thank you to all the Freedom Migration Team!

Chris Blacket

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8 Nov 2019

Thank you Vania Sydney office for all your help and support with our Visa. Yahoo we have it!!!! Lovely lady to work with and for you.

Wendy C

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31 Oct 2019

I am very happy with the way Freedom Migration has handled a partner visa application. Mel, Jen and Rofia have been professional, dedicated and diligent in preparing the best application possible. We couldn't have done it by ourselves. Their guiding hand and legal expertise make us confident for the application's success.

Yuri Robert

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24 Oct 2019

The Best migration team! Super friendly staff, unfailingly supporting and advising me through my process, very quickly, anytime I needed! Aways there for me. Honest and transparent migration Agents. Fair price for all the hardwork. Plus side to have an agent (Vania) who could speak my native language, making our communication super easy. They really know what they are doing!!! Thanks in special for Vania, Emma, Charmaine, Joel and Melisa. You guys ROCK!!!

Fabio T

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22 Aug 2019

Couldn't be happier with the support I had from Joanne Cotton-Odgaard and all the team at Freedom Migration. They planned and advised me on the best visa option for me. The process was smooth and the visa granted pretty quickly.

Rebecca Bracewell

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9 Aug 2019

Freedom Migration have been so easy to work with. When my partner and I first had a consultation with Emma, we were unsure about our next steps, but she conducted an impressively full scale analyses of our situation over the telephone and gave us her opinion on what the next steps should be. Since signing up, Rofia, has made this process infinitely easier, while working on a tight deadline imposed by our circumstance, she was always available to answer our questions, and give us support. Thank you!!

Noor Khan

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30 Jul 2019

I found Joanne extremely cooperative and learned lady. She is very professional and honest lady. I would highly recommend people to avail service of Joanne .

Brian Smith

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11 Jul 2019

Can't thank the team at Freedom migration enough. My partner and I were in a tight time frame to lodge her permanent visa application, as her tourist visa was due to expire in three weeks. Avelyn and Elvira, were incredibly efficient in setting a lodgement date, and achieving that by shear hard work. These guys worked day and night, and weekends, to meet the timeline. Because of the complexity , and attention to detail required to achieve a successful outcome, We were glad we didn't attempt lodgement ourselves. Thanks also to Mel. Emma, and everyone else on the team.

Israel Lapan

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8 Jul 2019

Glad we signed up with Freedom Migration. The agents practically walk you through the entire process and are with you every step of the way.

Aneta Miloseska

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2 Jul 2019

The Freedom Migration Team service and support was perfect, professional and swift. The quality of the service and honest advise of the team made it easy for us to understand the requirements needed for the visa. Thank you so much for all your help!!! You made us stress free and took away our worries, also you helped us explain each stage of the partner visa process. You are very professional and at the same time very very friendly. The Freedom Migration Team made us feel special and cared about. I advise anyone looking for advice and help to get their loved one to Australia to use Freedom Migration. Thank you again Emma and Mel!

Zainab Alabri

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27 Dec 2018

My partner and I just got our temporary partner visa last month and we couldn't be happier! From the first day we had a consultation meeting with Emma at the Freedom Migration office in Brisbane, we were very confident that we would get there. Emma's skills and passion to help partners through such process is amazing. She does it like a friend and not just work. Emma and the team helped us through the whole process and to get through all the hoops that we had to face.

Angela Sepulveda

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26 Oct 2018

The team is awesome!
Joanne is amazing lady, lovely and very professional. Our process was very easy thanks to her. I have only thankful words for her and the team!


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7 Jun 2018

I had an in-person Partner Visa planning consult with Joanne in Perth today and am absolutely over the moon with the experience!! From booking to confirmation to being greeted at the appointment, the communication was fast and on point. Joanne is obviously passionate about this work and was beyond helpful in answering all of my questions, providing clear and detailed guidance, and allaying my concerns regarding the application process. The session far exceeded my expectations and hopes. If you are considering tackling the 820/801 application on your own, I strongly recommend investing in a planning consultation with Freedom Migration. It was simply amazing value for money!! (If you are looking for an RMA to assist a more difficult application I imagine Joanne would be amazing based on how much she helped with just this consult.) And if you're in Perth, schedule your appointment in person. Joanne is absolutely lovely and a quality person to spend an hour or so with talking about one of the most important processes of your life
Thanks, Emma for providing five-star service.

Jock Alan

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17 Jan 2018

After falling victim to several uninformed immigration lawyers and just given bad information it was finally great to have an hour phone consultation with Joanne Cotton-Odgaard from freedom migration, Very professional, well informed and a great friendly attitude. Thanks for your time, I plan to use freedom migration again in the future if I need more immigration services for my partner and I recommend their services.

Nabil Parwez

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20 Sep 2017

Thoughtful service and advice.

Kyle Armin Walbeck

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23 Aug 2017

Freedom Migration made mine and my partner's move to Australia a comforting, welcoming and seamless process.
Emma and her team are always quick to respond, provide sound, accurate and experienced advice. Having them by our side through this process was the best decision we could have made.
We couldn't have been happier with how they went about our visa applications and will forever be grateful for their services.
Highly recommended if you are considering the move and need visa support.

Wasim Alkhatib

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18 Jul 2016

They are really helpful, friendly and professional. Really impressive...

Duy To

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5 May 2016

Strongly recommended for all visa inquiries. Staff are so friendly and their knowledge and experience will help you solve all migration-related problems effectively. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Carl Freitag

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6 Aug 2021

Julie and Gracelda were very easy to work with, and helped to takes a lot of the stress out of what can be a very complex and overwhelming process. They were very proactive in chasing up info requests and questions, with the only real delay in the whole process being the long wait for the AFP police checks! We believe that we could have completed the process ourselves, but it would have taken longer and been a lot more stressful and we may have missed little things that helped make our application successful.... but without Julie and Gracelda's help I don't think we would have been granted the 801 visa as quickly or even known that we met the conditions to skip the 820 visa stage. Massive thanks to Julie and Gracelda and the rest of the team at Freedom Immigration.

Regards Carl & Sarah

Odehmark Mark

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22 Jun 2021

Very skilled professional individuals. When I approached them with my visa problem, they knew exactly what to do. My 820 visa was approved in record 3 months! Thanks to Julie and her team ( Gracelda include) I couldn’t be more happy with the out come. This is one migration agency with class and rest assured you can go to sleep once they take charge.

Mark Smite

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7 Apr 2021

Over the past years (since 2018), my now wife and I were thoroughly supported by highly professional, attentive and very friendly staff and immigration agents. We can not recommend utilizing the services provided by freedom migration enough. Through the challenges associated with mitigating the immigration process, our agent provided us with the know how, which led to successful visa grants. There is a lot of work to do in visa applications, and having such support, helped ease the stress levels. Very very important to have a trust worthy agent and team to successfully migrate to Australia. Thank you very much for your ongoing support Freedom Migration from our prospective marriage visa in 2018, onto our permanent resident visa in 2022! Much appreciation to you Emma, Joanna and Grace

Rowstar6 Adams

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15 Mar 2021

Freedom Migration has been very helpful, supportive and professional. I came to them in 2019 as my partner visa was cancelled and I was worried that without being able to work in Australia I would have to go back to Europe. From day 1 they listened to me and they offered great support and advice at an affordable price. Rofia took on my case and helped me through the domestic violence that occurred and counselling. I was told it would be a lengthy process, which it was, but Rofia kept me updated every step of the way and eventually I ended up with my PR. I'm so happy and would recommend them to anyone requiring help with any type of Visa. Best Lawyers in Australia!! Thanks so much Rofia and Freedom Migration!!!! Rowland Muntala Adams #freedommigrationforever

Ben Elmes

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24 Feb 2021

Couldn’t of asked for a better team to get our visa application sent through and approved.


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11 Feb 2021

Thank you so much for all you have done Julie. Both you and your team. Thoroughly professional and courteous and endless patience. You have made things so much easier for us. You answered all my questions, even the silly ones. I really like your system of the online portal and the initial questions about everything and everyone and how you put all that onto the right forms for me. Impressive. We are over the moon with the result. And getting stage 1 and 2 approved together is the icing on the cake. If anyone needs a migration agent I will not hesitate to recommend you. Again, thankyou all and god bless you all and keep up the outstanding work. High regards, Glen & Jeeranuch

Edwina Timm

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23 Jan 2021

Right from our first phone conversation with Freedom Migration, they’ve been fantastic, very helpful and professional throughout our Partner Visa journey. Originally we were told it would take 12 to 18 months to get this Visa, but thanks to the expertise and professionalism of our migration agent Rofia Mavaddat, we were granted the visa today, only 2 Months, Wow are we absolutely sooo very happy and over the moon to be starting our new lives down in Australia. Richard and I highly recommend Freedom Migration, they are the BEST! Thanks Rofia and Staff we will never forget you!

Mark Ferguson Heathcote

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2 Dec 2020

Could not have asked for a better migration agent to help with out partnership visa application! With it being such a difficult visa we wanted to make sure we did it properly through someone who know what they were doing! Any questions we had warranted a quick response from rofia and our lodgement team! She was organised and instilled every confidence in us that no stone was left unturned! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the process goes with them! Could not recommend enough.

Seaton Fell-Smith

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12 Nov 2020

I would highly recommend freedom migration to anyone looking to obtain a migratory visa. Emma directs an experienced, professional and empathic organisation who were a pleasure to deal with at every step of the way. They make an extremely complex procedure smooth and easy to understand. We were indecisive about engaging them as these things do cost money, however the peace of mind, the guidance and the knowledge that freedom migration brought to the table, meant we stood a far greater chance of succeeding in receiving a granted partner visa. Hearing the news that our submission was successful was really wonderful! Thanks to Rofia, our case manager and all the team at freedom migration!

Bella Plutino

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5 Nov 2020

I worked with Rofia for a number of months on my partner visa. She was extremely supportive and always available. She would keep me updated throughout the process so I was aware of all possibilities and every step. I felt very comfortable and confident that I would have the best chance to win my case with her on my side. Her background also allowed for her to be able to give me examples and peace of mind as she was aware of the process and could tell if we were in a good place or not.

Juan Baeza

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23 Oct 2020

Really good communication, friendly and professional at the same time. I had Rofia & Ella help me with a partners visa, They had all the answers, patient and always one call away when I needed anything. 10/10 performances

Tracey Clinch

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8 Oct 2020

Julie and her team are absolutely fabulous, their manner is professional and efficient and they are very responsive to any request. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you for all your hard work

Weechong Tan

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18 Sep 2020

My partner and I have received nothing but support and enthusiasm from the staff at Freedom Migration. Elvira, our agent was particularly helpful - guiding us step-by-step towards getting our partnership visa. She was constantly monitoring our application status and particularly on-the-ball in helping us collate further evidence to strengthen our case. Thank you Freedom Migration

Daza Orathai

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5 Sep 2020

The team at Freedom Migration were extremely professional and personal in their approach to us obtaining our Australian visa. They ensured all the necessary information was collected and submitted correctly along with routine updates to keep the application progressing. It was a pleasure to have their support through the process and much appreciated.

Luc Van Der Vlugt

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27 Aug 2020

When we decided to apply for a partner visa, we quickly understood that it was a very intricate and thorough process. After some research we decided to go with freedom migration. They have been very open and clear throughout the entire process. We wanted to have the best change possible and we feel like they have helped us tremendously throughout this somethimes stressful process. We would definitely recommend this agency, they have helped us every step of the way.

Shane DeVries

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8 Aug 2020

The team at Freedom Migration have been extremely kind, helpful and professional. They assisted my partner in formulating and lodging a request for exemption to enter Australia during Covid 19 border closures. Julie, Elvira and Brittany were compassionate to our situation and were very patient and professional in helping us submit our request. I'm grateful for their help and would absolutely recommend their services!

javier moreno

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10 Jul 2020

Sincere thanks to Freedom Migration, and in particular Emma Drynan, for guiding us through the Partner Visa process to a successful grant of Permanent Residency. When we embarked on this journey, it was a daunting prospect choosing a migration lawyer to trust with our application. However, since our first meeting with Emma we felt at ease; her professional, caring and pragmatic approach gave us the confidence to push forward with what can be an intensely stressful process. Emma and her team were incredibly attentive to our case throughout the preparation phase up to lodgment, and then during the processing period for our Visa, working closely with us to ensure that interim travel arrangements were always managed proactively. Whenever we had a question, we received a quick and thorough response. It’s obvious that Emma loves her work and genuinely cares about her clients. I cannot thank Emma and her team enough for all the support over the course of our application. My partner and I highly recommend Freedom Migration; they will take care of you every step of the way.

Agnese De romanis

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19 Jun 2020

Amazing team! Thank to all (specially Rofia ) for the support and the professionalism. I lodged a partner visa with freedom migration and I can definitely recommend them. They always answer really quickly to your questions, never lost communication and for any kind of problem they are with you. Was a complicated and long process...without them I couldn't never make it. worth every cent!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Daly Cova

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15 May 2020

Before we decided to start the process with Freedom Migration, my partner and I were extremely overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. The whole team, specially Emma, Rofia and Jen showed a great level of professionalism. What we loved the most was how they made us feel special and not just like another application. They are always available to answer our questions and were super friendly and just wonderful overall. We are extremely happy with their service and If anyone is looking to apply for an Australian visa this team is beyond amazing. They make all the process super clear and easy (which is something we thought would be impossible!) Thank you for everything! Dalia and Sierra

Joshua Bennetts

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13 Mar 2020

We searched long and hard for a reliable migration agent on the net, Freedom Migration kept coming in as the highest scoring by reviewers. So, we sent an email off and was shortly contacted by the Freedom team to get the ball rolling. Emma and the Freedom team are so friendly and professional. Having them at our backs made this process so easy, it was such a relief for us, as we have small kids and hectic jobs it was so nice to just offload all the hard yaka onto someone else. Emma and the team kept us informed about the application and its progress the entire time. When we first got in touch with Freedom we were really panicked about the daunting process of applying for a partner visa, we needn't have worried, Emma and the team did practically everything, it was an entirely stress free process for my wife and I. And now, we have our visa and are making final plans for relocation to Aus. One bit of advice for future clients of Freedom Migration, help them help you, for their sakes and yours, be prepared! Have your documents and certificates ready and your photos scanned. It will make the process smoother if you have everything in place, ready to send them. I highly recommend Emma and the team at Freedom Migration.

Shane Goodwin

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28 Feb 2020

My partner and I where very stressed about the application of her visa into Australia. We had no idea where to look, what to do, or how to even start. We contacted Freedom migration and where instantly put at ease whilst the entire process was explained to us within minutes. Once we decided that we wanted to go ahead with the process Freedom Migration proposed, we were instantly assigned our agent who was both professional and lovely. Rofia (our agent) was very efficient and managed all of the application effortlessly. She explained the process to us the entire time, and had our application in very quickly. Once completed, Rofia checked in with us every 3 months and re-assured us that everything was running smoothly and made sure our evidence/paperwork was updated as well. After a very quick 8 months, our partner's visa was granted and Rofia delivered us the fantastic news. We are now coming home to an amazing country to live and will definitely be employing the services of Freedom Migration for the next step of our process. If you or your family are considering migrating to Australia and have no idea where to start, get in touch with Freedom migration and allow them to manage it for you. They will not let you down in any way. This is a scary process and its fantastic to see a group of amazing people helping others in their time of need. All in all: Amazing people, the best customer service, and a great price as well. We could not be happier.

Rand Dowais

Google review

24 Jan 2020

Very professional and friendly team. I really enjoyed my journey (to become a PR) with them. Thanks to everyone at Freedom Migration specially Emma and Joanne

Gnomey Underhill

Google review

10 Nov 2019

Friendly and efficient staff. We had frequent interactions with Mel, Emma and Rofia. It made the process so much easier.

Garry Batho

Google review

9 Nov 2019

Freedom Migration Brisbane would be one of the best Migration Agents in Australia. I can not recommend the team at Freedom Migration more highly' A huge thank you to Emma, Avelyn, Mel and a special thanks to Elvira as well as the unknown team who have worked so hard in guiding Jasmine and I through the mine field process of professionally presenting our evidence for a successful 300 Visa. We would never have been able to achieve this on our own, we can now plan our future together with Jasmine and the boys. Whenever additional information or any questions arose, friendly stress free communication was always available. with a tear in my eye I thank you Elvira for that wonderful phone call after 12 months of patiently waiting. Once again thank you Freedom Migration, Kindest Regards, Garry and Jasmine.

Josh Hamilton

Google review

10 Sep 2019

The team at freedom migration were professional and easy to work with from the very first phone call. The process of the partner visa can be quite stressful as it is a lot all at once but with the help of freedom migration we found the process quite easy. Me and my partner were super excited as the whole process from submitting the prospective marriage visa application to receiving the partner visa has now all been completed within one year! We highly recommend freedom migration to anyone who needs assistance and can’t thank them enough for all their support

Hassan Hamwi

Google review

25 Aug 2019

They help all my family I have 6 kids they are soo good.

Bret Mosley

Facebook review

10 Aug 2019

Professionals through and through. Highly knowledgeable and responsive, with a lot of heart to go with their smarts.

Sérgio Garcias

Google review

1 Aug 2019

5 star experience from the get go! My partner and myself are so happy with Freedom Migration - their efficiency, helpfulness, preparation, organisation and hard work helped us to get our visa lodged in less than a month! We would highly recommend Freedom Migration to everyone who is going for a partner visa and who want the peace of mind knowing things will get done and done well. Thank you so much especially to Rofia and also to Emma and all the team at Freedom Migration!

Jim Sevast

Google review

29 Jul 2019

Thanks Emma, yourself and the team at Freedom Migration were helpful and supportive through the whole process, they make everything easy and stress free. Highly recommended.

Stephen Carolan

Google review

9 Jul 2019

Joanne from Freedom Migration was a pleasure to work with. Got my partner visa approved in just 15 months. The team generally were so helpful and friendly. I’d highly recommend them as the top Migration agency out there.

Minda Millanes

Google review

4 Jul 2019

to freedom migration in behalf of your whole team to mam, avelyn,to maam elvira to.melissa thank you so much for helping me, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much you are really honest agents. minda.

Ci Cin

Facebook review

20 Feb 2019

First of all, I would like to say my thanks to Joanne, what's she done to us magically in our family reunion process! We felt very blessed because of your efforts! Now we're became like someone in Australia! Long live Freedom Migration! May God bless you all! PTL!!!

Youssef and Jean Jlassi

Facebook review

13 Feb 2019

We would love to thank the team at Freedom Migration for helping us with our Visa. Appreciation to you all, now me and my wife and children can start our lives as One. We highly recommend your services to anyone it was a big process that we could not have achieved without your help. Thank you

Amy Lau

Facebook review

28 Oct 2018

I recommend freedom migration for partner visa. Emma and her team made the visa application process so simple!

Now I am going to finally see my husband come back to Australia. Thank you freedom migration!

Julie Paw

Facebook review

19 Oct 2018

Absolute Legends!
If you have a big confusing about your partner visa and for your family visa I’m strongly recommend you to choose the Freedom Migration

K Tosuni

Google review

13 Aug 2018

I cannot recommend Emma and her team enough. The thought of your partners visa been rejected is scary and stressful but Emma made the whole process easy and was with us every step of the way. Professional, supportive, answering our questions all time of the day or night, weekend whenever we needed. Emma and the team : From the bottom of our hearts Thank You. I would recommend Emma and Freedom Migration to anyone I know that will need migration advice. Best ever!!!

Wesley Scriggins

Google review

10 Mar 2018

I can't recommend these guys highly enough, even just for a one off appointment to ask some burning questions 10 out of 10 service, knowledge and advice

Laurie Ennis Capps

Facebook review

3 Oct 2017

Thank you So Much with helping me and my partner with my Visa. I'm over the moon happy and know I'm very lucky and I know your help made this happen. Thank you Sophia and team. Your awesome and we will be back to get help with my Partner Visa

Laszlo Heiter

Facebook review

20 Nov 2016

A very helpful and always available professional team that treats you like family and is always there for you. They are always ready to answer all your questions and give advice. Thank you for arranging my graduate visa and also my permanent residency sorted. These guys deserve the most stars. Thank you!

Harvey Jones

Facebook review

1 Aug 2014

The staff at Freedom Migration are AMAZING!! They are so friendly and knowledgeable, they are able to make you feel like you are the only person they are helping, as you always get their full attention and assistance.
I would recommend Freedom Migration to anyone looking for immigration assistance.