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Applying for a Partner Visa can be stressful, make sure you’re ready for this!

As you start out on your Partner Visa journey, our advice is to be prepared for stressful times ahead. Regardless of whether yours is a complex case or a really straightforward Partner Visa Application,

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Can I work when I’m on a Bridging Visa?

Good question and this relates to a Partner Visa applicant who has arrived in Australia on a Tourist Visa which then allows them to apply for an ONSHORE Partner Visa. At some point in the Visa

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Can you include your family members on your Partner Visa application?

Can you include dependants on your Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa? In some cases, you may be able to include dependants on your Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa. However,

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Why should I use a MARA Agent?

Unfortunately there are some dodgy operators out there, and as outlined in the accompanying video presented by Emma, our Principal Migration Agent, we help you sort the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’… Should

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Being in love should not be this hard…

Have you ever been in love? Most of us are lucky to get our happily ever after with our partners. But some of us are not so lucky. When the one you love is from a different country, trying to

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Loving an Australian; the Most Expensive of all Foreign Partners.

  For many expats living abroad, finding love in your new city makes your new life even more worthwhile. When you fall in love with someone from another country and start to make plans

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