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Offshore Partner Visa Processing Times & Low/High Risk Applications

Hey everyone, I’m back! We’ve had a lot of questions following our update on the changes to visa processing times for partner visas. Inside of our commitment to giving you as much helpful

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What’s the difference between an Australian Spouse Visa, Partner Visa, De Facto Visa?

Spouse Visa, Partner Visa, De Facto Visa — they are all the same Partner Visa essentially! There is no de facto visa, there is no spouse visa, there is no partner visa. They are all one

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Changes to Partner Visa Processing Times for 2017

** UPDATE**: 1st of July 2017 brought more changes to the Partner Visa process, check out the latest here UPDATE: if after reading this you have questions about Offshore Processing Times and

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The Advantages of Cross-Cultural Relationships

While cross-cultural relationships may present their challenges to those involved, it helps to realise that any other couple has some degree of tension and difficulty as well. What’s

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