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Where can I get my Visa Medical / Health Exam done?

Where can I do my ‘medical’ or ‘health exam’ in Australia? If you’re in Australia and based in a metropolitan city, your medical or health exam can be done at BUPA Visa Medical. If

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Using a Migration Agent? Check the code of Conduct

Have you heard about fake migration operators who mislead clients and falsely claim they are FULLY registered with the government authorities? Unfortunately, there are in fact numerous dodgy

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Why should I use a MARA Agent?

Unfortunately there are some dodgy operators out there, and as outlined in the accompanying video presented by Emma, our Principal Migration Agent, we help you sort the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’… Should

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What is the true cost of a Partner Visa?

Get this— Australia is officially THE most expensive country in the world to bring your partner in to! Yes!! We think the direct fee for a Partner Visa application, currently cited at  $7,000.00

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