We're working hard to help couples reunite and start a life together in Australia.

We're always on the hunt for incredible humans to join us on our mission.

Why? At Freedom Migration we’re on a mission to help Australian’s who have fallen in love bring their significant other home to Australia. 

The couples we represent trust us with what’s most important to them - their loved one. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. Having the right team to lead our clients through this journey is the only way to fulfil on our mission.

We want to be proactive, not reactive. We want to hire when we find the right people. 

We are a small team that pack a mighty punch, leading the way in successful outcomes across a wide range of matters from your stock standard partner visa to the hairy, scary and challenging - health waivers, refusals, character issues, PIC 4020 etc. 

Committed to our cause, we’re a team of ethical & highly skilled migration professionals. We act with integrity, no slimy scare tactics, no smoke and mirrors. We’re open, honest and transparent with our clients. We speak in layman's terms with our clients, saving the legalese for the Department. 

Our team members enjoy a healthy work life balance, with a remote work environment … no daily commute, no traffic, no expensive CBD lunch options. We offer a rewarding bonus structure, your choice of professional development activities, laptop, phone and of course a competitive salary. 

Drop our Director a line if you would like to discuss future opportunities.