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I am not divorced. Can I still apply for a Partner Visa?

I’m still not divorced, can we apply for a Partner Visa? From time to time we get this question and, well, this is an awkward one. If you’re not yet divorced, or if one party or both

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What if the relationship ends before the Visa grant?

What if your relationship ends before your Partner Visa is granted? In this post, we briefly look at what this may mean for you if you find yourself in this complex situation and offer suggestions

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How Bridging Visas Work

So this week I want to talk about Bridging Visas, What are they? How do you apply for one? Where are they used? These are really common questions we get asked about and it can be a bit confusing

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Character Requirements for Partner Visa Applications

We often get asked about character requirements for Partner Visa applications and if having something like a speeding fine on your record will affect the outcome of an application. Every person

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Partner Visa Health Criteria

At Freedom Migration we are often asked about health checks and health waivers for partner visa applications and what impact a health condition might have on the outcome of a partner visa application. In

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