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Why is getting professional help with your Partner Visa so expensive?

A question that I get asked all the time is “why is professional representation so expensive, all you do is fill out Partner Visa Application forms?” Well, a complete Partner Visa application

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Why Do I Have a No Further Stay Condition(8503) on my Visitor Visa?

First of all, let me explain what a no further stay condition is. A no further stay condition is a limiting condition that prohibits you from lodging any further visas while you are in Australia.OK Why

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Can I go to Australia after lodging my Offshore Partner Visa?

One very common misconception is that if you have lodged an offshore partner visa, you are required to remain offshore until the visa is granted. This is FALSE. After you have lodged an offshore

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Federal Budget 2022-2023 Impact on Migration Program

During Covid partner visas had the luxury of priority processing as skilled visas were not being processed during that time. There is a new ministerial direction for prioritising skilled visa

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How many points do you need for a Partner Visa?

A lot of people often confuse the points based system used for a skilled visa and assume that it is applicable to a Partner Visa. The partner visa is NOT points based, nor is it competitive in

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3 Lessons You Can Learn From The Novak Djokovic Immigration Debacle

No matter how you feel about the Novak Djokovic case it’s certainly put Australian immigration policy on the front page of the international news. Novak has won the Australian Open 9 times

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BREAKING NEWS – International Travel to Resume from New South Wales Starting Next Month!

Great news, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that international borders are starting to open up as per the National Recovery Plan. As New South Wales has almost reached 80% vaccination

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Proxy Marriages and UTAH Web Marriage Ceremonies

Could you and your partner have been married by now, but your plans got canceled because of Covid? Have you been longing to tie the knot and proceed with your partner visa, but you are stuck

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Why Do You Need Professional Advice?

So you may have embarked on the exciting journey of looking into lodging a partner visa for yourself or your loved one. If this is you, I highly recommend that you get some professional advice

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Priority in Designated Regional Areas

Good news on the horizon for people residing in designated regional areas! If you are currently living in a designated regional area in Australia and were planning to start the onshore partner

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