Can I work when I’m on a Bridging Visa?

Good question and this relates to a Partner Visa applicant who has arrived in Australia on a Tourist Visa which then allows them to apply for an ONSHORE Partner Visa. At some point in the Visa application process, the Visa holder will get what’s called a ‘Bridging Visa A’. This Bridging Visa A that’s granted in association with the Partner Visa has Work Rights attached to it which effectively means ‘‘YES, you can look for work.” Now a quick disclaimer – if you are intending to travel to Australia and lodge an onshore Partner Visa – please please please get advice from a Registered Migration Agent before booking any airline tickets. The last thing I would like to see happen is you jumping on a plane and arriving in Australia with plans of lodging a Partner Visa onshore and not being able to do so.

Is it easy to find work?

On the question of whether it’s easy or not to get work, I hear from the couples that we look after that it does get much easier to find work when you’ve actually been granted the Partner Visa. This is because, let’s face it, as most Aussies have the advantage of not needing visas to work and employers don’t often have to deal with issues around visa requirements, employers may just put the whole question of ‘What’s a Bridging Visa A?’ into the too hard basket. And so in my experience from listening to my client’s views on getting work, it certainly does get easier to find work once your Partner Visa has been granted.

Any other advice to consider around work when settling in Australia?

Yes, there is lots to think about on the topic of finding work and one thing that’s really important to keep in mind when you’re going through the Partner Visa process, particularly for the Aussie partner, is to be realistic about any settlement issues your partner may face. For example, if your partner is coming to Australia, even from somewhere English-speaking like the UK and holds a Visitor Visa for three months after which their Bridging Visa A is granted, it may not the best time for them to be jumping straight into work. They’re still trying to find their feet, need time to work out the new environment they have moved into and find out things such as how to get into the city and everything else that comes along with settling into a new country.
You also need to make sure you budget for a certain period where your partner will probably be without a job because firstly, it’s hard and your partner will need to settle down first. Secondly, your partner may not find it easy to walk straight into a job. Remember, there are barriers that they will have to deal with such as having a Bridging Visa A.

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Please Note: This does not constitute as Immigration advice. Always seek advice from a Registered Migration Agent before applying for an Australian Visa. Migration Law is constantly changing. This information is accurate only at the time of publication.

  • ANC says:

    I’m a tourist who applied for a student visa 1 day before my substantive visa as expires.Unfortunately,student visa was not granted.An appeal at AAT was lodged but my application was reverted to immigragion coz it was submitted late by the adviser.Now my case is in federal court and pending.According to the education adviser , my Bridging visa A autmatically takes effect while under proceedings.So as the adviser said, Im on bridging visa A now.

    How can i apply for permit to work ?
    The condition in my bridging visa A states allowed to study for 3 months & not allowed to work.

    • Avelyn Chen says:

      Hi, we only work with Partner Visas and Visitor Visas. If you need help with your student visa let me know and I can recommend someone.

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