How much money do I need to sponsor a Visitor Visa applicant?

How much money do I need to sponsor a Visitor Visa applicant?
The short answer is that you, as the sponsor, are NOT required to provide financial support. When you’re looking at sponsoring a family member under the Subclass 600 Visitor Visa sponsored family stream, it is the visa applicant who must show they have access to funds to support themselves throughout their stay in Australia.

However, if your family member does not have sufficient funds, you may volunteer to provide financial support, and the onus is on your family member, the visa applicant, to show they have access to these funds. It’s not a legislated requirement imposed on you, the visa sponsor, by the Immigration authorities.

Does this apply in all cases?
In some circumstances, such as when you are sponsoring a relative who is outside your immediate family unit, you may be asked by the department to provide a security bond. This request is usually made when the department is already reviewing your family member’s Visitor Visa application.

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What is the reason for this?
The purpose of the security bond is to maximize the chances that your sponsored family member complies with their applicable visa conditions, such as to not work or overstay.

How much money would I have to guarantee for the bond?
The value requested by the department is usually between the ranges of $5,000 to $15,000. You may also express an intention to provide the bond as part of your sponsorship when your family member is about to lodge their visitor visa application. Following this, the department decides whether or not to accept this offer at their discretion.

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  • Editha says:

    Greetings! If my australian fiance will sponsor me for a visitor’s visa,and I do not have enough financial funds,would it be ok if the sponsor will provide for me?

    • Avelyn Chen says:

      Hi Editha, very good question, are you planning on applying for a partner visa while your are here?

  • Nina says:

    Hi! Just wanna asked is possible for subclass 600 to only have $1500 or $2000 in my bank? Im going to visit my boyfriend in aus and his family will be provided me a room to stay. Will I get accepted with that amount or It needed to be $5000 in exact for minimum?


    • Emma Drynan says:

      Hi Nina, how exciting!!! When are you planning to come visit your boyfriend and what country are you coming from?

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